F Series Mast Climbing Work Platform

The F-Series mast climbing platform is specifically designed for projects 100' in height and more. This mast climbing platform can accommodate the needs of a wide variety of types of work: windows, EIFS, stucco, painting, and even bricklaying. What's more, trades can work on separate platforms at different heights. It's ideal for new construction or restoration.



  • Platform dimension (transport) - On pedestal base with extensions: W x L x H: 102" x 147" x 102"

  • Drive unit - with bridge link: W x L X H: 93" x 122" x 102"

  • Drive unit - without bridge link: W x L x H: 62" x 122" x 102"

  • Min./max. platform length - single mast: 10' / 50'

  • Min./max. platform length - twin mast: 35' / 115'

  • Maximum load capacity - single mast: 12,000 lb at 10' / 9,000 lb at 50'

  • Maximum load capacity - twin mast: 15,500 lb at 115'

  • Maximum height: Up to 500' without prior authorization from Hydro Mobile

  • Tie distance: Up to a maximum of 45'

  • Free-standing single and twin mast (on mobile chassis base only): 40'

  • Vertical travel speed: Up to 38' per minute (gasoline engine only)

  • Drive system (electric and hydraulic): Rack and pinion drive

  • Power system (standard hydraulic model): 2 x 20 HP gasoline engine

  • Power system (optional electric model): 2 x 20 HP electric motor 460-480 V 60 Hz/3 ph. 575 V 60 Hz/3 ph.

  • Safety device - Emergency descent: Gravity-activated manual descent system

  • Safety device - Automatic emergency brake: Gravity-activated

  • Platform weight: On pedestal base: 8400 lb

  • Mast section: 2 racks: 32" x 32" x 60" - 365 lb per section

F Series Weather Protection


Our weather protection system is perfectly designed to accommodate both top and bottom platform requirements. Most importantly, it keeps workers comfortable in all kinds of weather. And it can even be used to protect against falling debris.

For more information/specifications about the weather protection system, please consult the operator's manual.