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I certify that the information provided in this application is true, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false or misleading information at any time during the application and interview process may lead to refusal to hire or discharge from Service Scaffold Company. If I become employed by Service Scaffold Company, I agree to follow all rules and regulations of the Company as they develop and change. I allow Service Scaffold Company to conduct investigations on me, my background and my performance, and am aware that such investigations will become a part of my employment record. With this, I authorize Service Scaffold Company to speak with my references, personal and professional, to gather information about me. I authorize all former employers and references to provide any information about me to Service Scaffold Company, and release them of liabilities and damages of all kinds for providing this information. I authorize Service Scaffold Company to verify the accuracy of the information within this application. I release Service Scaffold Company from liability for collecting information about me and using it to make employment decisions. If I become employed by Service Scaffold Company, I understand that the employment relationship will be “at will,” and that the “at will” status may not change at any time unless specifically approved, in writing, by the President of the Company. I agree that if I become indebted to Service Scaffold Company, I will be responsible for repaying the total owed upon termination from the Company. If I do not repay the sum prior to my final paycheck being received, the money owed will be deducted from my pay. This application for employment is valid for the next 90 days. I understand that if I wish to be considered for employment after this period of time, I must apply again.
Permission to Obtain Driving Record (if applicable) *
I understand and agree that as a normal part of business, the driving records of all employees that drive on company business are reviewed. I understand and agree that my driving record is subject to future periodic reviews. By completing and signing this section, I give permission to Service Scaffold Company and its insurance agent to obtain and review my driver’s license (MVR) record both now and in the future.