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Vertical Access Equipment & Operator Safety Training

Service Scaffold Company Inc offers an array of certified training to get your employees up to speed to make your job site safer and more efficient.

We have a full-service department that can provide technical support for all of our equipment offerings and are on call 24/7. This ensures that we provide our clients with services that will minimize their downtime and increase the safety and productivity of their job site.

We Provide the Following Training Classes:

Hydro Mobile Trainings

For the Hydro Mobile training, we offer 4-hour user/operator training and 16-hour erector/dismantler for each model: M- Series, P-Series, F-Series, FTP Series, and S-Series. Each model is its own training. Course descriptions below:

Hydro Mobile

M- Series, P-Series, F-Series, FTP Series, S-Series

User/Operator Course- 4 hour

Included in tuition

  • 4 Hour training which will be classroom and hands-on training.
  • Operator’s manuals and syllabus.
  • Official training card (upon completion and passing exam)

Topics covered

  • ANSI/SIA, OSHA regulations.
  • Operator training operation.
  • Hands-on operation.
  • Competent person training/hazard assessment existing and predictable. etc.
Hydro Mobile

M- Series, P-Series, F-Series, FTP Series, S-Series

Erector Dismantler Course- 16 hour

Included in tuition

  • 16 Hour training which will be classroom and hands-on training.
  • Operator’s manuals and syllabus.
  • Official training card (upon completion and passing exam)

Topics covered

  • ANSI/SIA, OSHA regulations.
  • Erector/Dismantling training.
  • Hands-on installation and operations.
  • Layout and planning training.
  • Competent person training/hazard assessment existing and predictable. etc.

32 Hour Supported Scaffold Erector/Dismantler:

Instructors will demonstrate safe methods of installation, removal, and modification of different types of supported scaffolds using OSHA regulations as a guide. Some topics covered during the course will include major scaffold components, the importance of proper pre-planning, worker training, and how to read scaffold design drawings. Throughout the course, students will also participate in hands-on exercises in which they will build and dismantle supported scaffolds, apply various knots on the rope, and demonstrate the ability to apply basic rigging techniques.

The instructor will assess students to determine if each student is capable of applying rope knots used to rig scaffold equipment, properly install/maintain fall protection systems, safely build supported scaffold systems and walking/working scaffold platforms and immediately prior to the end of the course, students will independently participate in a multiple choice final exam.

4 Hour supported Scaffold User & Refresher Course:

This course explains the basic elements of supported scaffold safety and introduces students to the nature of supported scaffold hazards. During the course emphasis is placed on the role of the scaffold user in accident prevention, which includes scaffold inspections, fall protection, recognizing hazards, and responding to emergencies.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • List supported scaffold types and its major components
  • Identify the most common supported scaffold safety hazards
  • Protect themselves from supported scaffold safety hazards
  • Inspect supported scaffolds in accordance with federal and local safety regulations
Supported Scaffold Safety Training Class, Hydro Mobile Training Class

Certified Safety Training & Technical Support

Service Scaffold Company Inc offers clients a broad range of training and technical support. Our training options cover a wide array of equipment, including our full line of Hydro Mobile Mast Climbing Work Platforms. We have a service department with in-depth expertise and ample experience providing technical support to clients choosing to repair their equipment. Our team of technicians is on hand to provide you with technical support, wherever you require it. With combined scaffolding experience of over 60 years, the team has supported an extensive range of temporary works projects – from the most simple to the most complex, in a variety of sectors – sharing their knowledge, so our customers achieve the maximum safety, speed, and adaptability from all Service Scaffold solutions. Support can be delivered either at our training centers or on-site, depending on your requirements.

Ensuring Safe and Effective Operations Training

Equipment Safety Training and proof of training are required by OSHA, USACE, and most commercial and industrial sites. This includes equipment operator training on specific equipment. U.S. Safety’s operator safety training is designed to provide operators with the skills to work safely, efficiently, and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

New York


New Jersey


Service Scaffold Company Inc Has You Covered

Service Scaffold Company Inc looks forward to providing you with industry training & technical support. Whether you require a 32-hour scaffold erector course for your staff or a Mast Climbing Work platform safety course. Our training facility is equipped to bring your employees up to speed and get them certified.

Using over 60 years of experience our knowledgeable staff vow to make your project safer and more efficient.

Service Scaffold Is Your Local Expert With the Broadest Range of Products and Services